Experienced Leadership

Healthcare branding is about being confident

The very core of Acom Healthcare is based on an enduring partnership that you can count on. One where trust and talent and tenacity form a vital bond.

Together our leadership works closely with a skilled, integrated and creative team that shares a common vision and commitment to our clients.

Gene Gegler, Founder

Gene Gegler has achieved a broad spectrum of advertising and marketing success. Before co-founding Acom Healthcare, Gene was director of communications for Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, with primary responsibility for corporate representation. Gene also designed and guided marketing communications strategies for Cintor (Johnson & Johnson Orthopedics), Codman & Shurtleff and Mentor (Iolab). Gene's contributions to the healthcare industry through integrated marketing communications serve an extensive client base well, from companies pioneering technologies to established firms maintaining brand leadership. Gene is a graduate of Pennsylvania University.

Jonathan Katz, Partner

Jonathan Katz has a deep passion for branding as is evidenced by his style in leading brand workshops and strategy sessions for our clients. For more than 30 years he has been working closely with clients within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device markets to bring their corporate, product and service brands to life in a compelling manner. Jonathan's pragmatic approach to branding puts strategy first. It is a proven methodology that continues to serve our clients well, whether launching innovative treatments or helping existing brands capture additional market share. Before joining Acom Healthcare, Jonathan was a co-founder of Braithwaite & Katz, a firm dedicated to providing strategic public relations counsel. Jonathan holds a B.A. in Sociology from Ithaca College and a Master's degree in Communications from Boston University.

Warren Pelissier, Partner

Warren Pelissier's comprehensive understanding of sales in the healthcare industry reflects in-depth personal experience. For more than 15 years, Warren directed key management functions for Johnson & Johnson's surgical supply company, Codman & Shurtleff. His Johnson & Johnson experience includes field representation, customer service, sales services and product management. A co-founder of Acom Healthcare, Warren is particularly adept at assessing client opportunity within the marketplace and creating strategic platforms for fulfillment. This strength, as well as his uncompromising commitment to customer service, helps distinguish the agency within the healthcare industry. Warren is a graduate of Lesley College with a degree in Marketing Management.

Christophe Sauvage, Partner and Founder of Acom Healthcare Europe

Founder and managing partner of Acom Healthcare Europe, Christophe Sauvage is a brand strategist and creative director with a long track record of originating and sustaining compelling brands within the healthcare industry. Based in Paris, Christophe is instrumental to European companies wanting to expand market share as well as US companies looking to grow their EU presence. He works closely with large established companies and start-up enterprises to develop and deploy multi-channel communication campaigns across diverse sectors of the healthcare industry including rare diseases and e-health. Christophe holds a degree from the University of Human Sciences of Strasbourg.