Together, What Will We Spark Next?

The most successful brands evolve over time. And Acom Healthcare is no exception. For more than 30 years, we’ve been working closely with our clients to make sure we build brands that matter and achieve value. Part of our responsibility is to make sure that our client’s brands remain relevant.

Year after year, Acom Healthcare’s experience has continued to deepen and our expertise sharpen. We’ve worked with some of the healthcare industry’s largest players as well as start-ups that are changing the way medicine is practiced. Our work affords us the privilege of working closely with patients, caregivers and practitioners to intimately understand their circumstance. And to contribute as a member of our client’s teams to help reach out and help make a difference.

We’ve launched hundreds of brands from companies to technologies to products. Our work has addressed conditions that affect millions and those that affect one in a million.

And that’s all within the company’s first three decades.

We look forward to building upon the relationships we’ve established. Building upon the experience our teams in Boston and Paris share. And building upon the strategic brand solutions that we spark together.

by Jonathan D. Katz